From the East – February 2018

Greetings from the East,

Besides being the shortest month of the year, February is most often associated with Valentines Day and love. Where the event started and who is responsible is confusing at best. Stories and myths date back to the ancient Greeks and some attributed to the Romans. More recent tales of the beginning are only 400-500 years old and originate in France or Britain.

As recently as when our parents or grandparents were young, Valentine exchanges were simple and more likely to be hand written notes or poems and maybe chocolates. Today, expectations might include a store bought card, chocolates, florist flowers, dinner out and maybe a gift. However you celebrate the day of romance and love, keep the focus on your loved one and how to keep the love going throughout the year.

Our January stated meeting included a thoughtful and poignant discussion on the state of our Lodge and moving into the future. Later in the month we held an E. A. degree for Chris Neighorn. The degree team for the January E. A. included W.B. Alin Popescu, W. B. Bob Richardson, W. B. Joe Watson, M.W.B. Don Stapleton, W. B. Howard Lyons and W. M. Jim Munson. Coming to our aid from outside our Lodge were W. B. Adam Bayer and W. B. Paul Temple. Thank you to all who participated.

Please see the attached calendar for all the up coming dates including our first visitation of the year on February 13th and the Occasional Grand Lodge on Saturday February 24th. Please answer when called for the up coming M. M. degree for Brother Carver, date to be determined.

Our stated meeting on Saturday February 10th will feature some furthering of our Masonic education and a follow up discussion. Come meet our newest Brother, E. A. Chris Neighorn and bring your best gal to a special brunch to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget that our annual meeting of the Temple Association will follow the stated meeting.


See you in Lodge.

Jim Munson W. M.
Sunnyside Lodge 163

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