Happy New Year!

New years are known for being a time of new beginnings and rebirth. Many people commonly resolve to do, or be better, and I wish them good luck with that. New beginnings imply change and I know that change is the only constant we have. So the question becomes, are you ready for the coming change or do you fall behind? Better yet are you seeking the change you want rather than letting random change come to you? I wish you all the best for the coming year.


Back in December our Lodge attended the St. John’s Day celebration hosted by Washington Lodge #46 and we were enlightened by a presentation on the Saints John. Worshipful Brother Dale Palileo gave a thoughtful and engaging talk while encouraging a group discussion. It was a great way to start a new Masonic year.


Our goals for the ensuing year are to increase participation, provide higher Masonic education and add new Brothers. Last year we set the table for these goals by increasing our interactions with other Lodges, more outside Lodge activities and raising money for youth and children charities. Become a part of solution and bring the fellowship while benefiting the community. Working together we can make this year work for all involved.


Our stated meeting on Saturday January 13th will feature a talk and discussion by our Senior Warden, Alin Popescu followed by our usual business. As usual in February, our stated meeting will be followed by

the annual meeting of the Temple Association.


See you in Lodge.


Jim Munson W. M.

Sunnyside Lodge 163

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